The kitchen as we knew it.

My husband and I should really be happy that our kitchen was as horrible as it was when we bought the house. First of all, the lack of an updated kitchen (ie, cherry cabinetry/granite countertops/stainless steel appliances nowhere in sight) really scared away other buyers, kept the price of the house low, and allowed us to gut the entire thing without shame.

The room was situated as follows:

The East-facing wall, which looks out over our backyard, was particularly claustophobic, with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that actually extended over the top of the window :

Parsonage kitchen, looking east.

Parsonage kitchen, looking East, before move-in.

The North wall, which holds the doorway to a half bath (right side) and landing to the basement (left side) continued the “sea of beige” theme:


North wall, prior to move-in.

The West wall, which opens up to the parlor, was papered with two different shades of blue- flowers above a chair rail, stripes below. The paper clashed horribly with the country blue paint elsewhere in the kitchen, and only stayed for about a week after closing:


West wall, overlooking parlor, before move-in.

The South wall holds the door to the sunporch, a huge radiator (covered with a fake wood cap to match the countertops), and was largely covered with floor-to-ceiling corkboard.  The North Wall picture above shows the old cabinetry and rolling dishwasher to the immediate left of the radiator.  The wall also holds a beautiful arched window original to the house.  Unfortunately, the window was almost entirely blocked by the rolling dishwasher and drapes, and couldn’t be opened up to the porch outside because a shelf had been built into the top sash.

South wall, before move-in.

South wall, before move-in.

Now, up to this point, I’d agree that the kitchen was pretty bland- and that the previous owners could have done a lot worse.  There are a few harvest gold and avocado-colored appliances in the basement that give insight into previous kitchen remodels that were likely much uglier.  But let me, at this point, introduce you to the floor:

Our cats Abner (left) and Bill (right) on the kitchen floor.

Our cats Abner (left) and Bill (right) on the kitchen floor.

This red, blue, beige and orange pattern covered the entire floor of the kitchen, extending into the half bath (where it was even more atrocious, being in a smaller space), and onto the basement stairs.  In addition to being just plain ugly, the floor was also impossible to clean.  The lineoleum had a pitted texture that held all of the dirt brought in by dogs, cats and workmen (not to mention the dust and grime that had settled in the time the house was vacant).  We tried mopping and scrubbing and bleaching, to no avail.  We lived with this floor until about a month ago when it was finally, mercifully, ripped out.

Such was the kitchen as we knew it.


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  1. widi Says:

    Nice kitchen. BTW I have cat too.

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