The House

My name is Mikelanne.  My husband, John, and I just bought our first house, a Gothic-revival style brick Victorian, in the town of Columbus, Wisconsin, about 30 miles north of Madison.  


Our house, December 2008.

Our house, December 2008.

The house was built in 1866, to serve as the parsonage for the German-speaking Ludington Methodist Episcopal Church.  It was lived in by various pastors and their families until 1986, when it was sold to private owners.  It was this couple from whom we bought the house in August of 2008.  Since then, we have begun restoring the house, room by room. And we’ve got a lot of rooms- a canning room, shop, and laundry/utility room in the basement, kitchen, half bath, parlor, sunporch, dining room, living room and foyer on the first floor, four bedrooms and full bath upstairs, full attic and a two-story carriage house- all in dire need of, as I often phrase it to my husband, ” a little love”.

When not working on the house, I love to bake.  I especially love to bake breads, pastries and desserts that have a basis in history- particularly those that have been around for hundreds of years.  As a “historical baker” I have various recipes from as far back as the 1300s, although the majority of my collection is from Colonial and Victorian America.


One Response to “The House”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Hi! Now I have to type this all over again. I have a 100+ year old house in Burlington, WI. We are working on bringing her back from a 1970’s really bad remodel job. I am hoping that our next project will be our kitchen so could I bug you for more information on where you found your stuff? We also have a huge radiator in the middle of our kitchen that is putting a big hold on my trying to figure out just what to do what I want to do in that room.
    Deconstruction/Renewable Resources in Madison, on Walsh Road is a great place for finding treasures, I got 8 inch tall base board there for our kitchen, dining room and living room for a great price. Someday we may get it installed. It has been stripped and stained so there is progress. We just have to figure out how to attach it without bringing down all the plaster walls. 😉 Any tips on that would be very helpful.
    I would love to invite you to our house if you ever have free time to show what we have done and see if you have any ideas on what else we could do. I would also LOVE to see your house. How bold is that? First time ever commenting and inviting myself to your house? 😉 We do go to the in-laws in Portage for the holidays….. Seriously, not a stalker or some weirdo, well the weirdo thing depends on who you ask. Understand if you I have totally freaked you out now, sorry. 😦
    Love your blog and will keep you on my favorites list for updates on your house as well as ideas on what to do with mine. thanks.

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